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Skills Development

Upskilling the UK workforce through loose synchronous learning

Skills Development at Learnium

Education is often associated with formal learning institutions, such as schools, colleges and universities. But for many people, it does not have to stop there. Learning can continue after formal education and skills education is a growing part of the picture.

Here at Learnium, we are big believers in ongoing workplace learning. We are dedicated to helping workers improve their skills, helping them become more valuable to an employer.

The UK economy requires a better skilled workforce; in some regions job offers remain open due to the low skilled workforce, leaving many vacancies unfilled. We are committed to helping workers increase their skills and supporting employers.

Our aim is to bring together learners, content providers and employers to deliver courses which upskill workers through mobile learning, loose synchronous learning and smart algorithms.

Following discussions with employers and local development organisations in South Wales, Learnium is evaluating the application of collaborative learning practices to vocational learning. We believe this can have a great potential for improving skills and helping the local economy.


Loose Synchronous Learning

Loose synchronous learning puts collaboraton at the heart of learning. It allows learners to work their way through tasks and learning materials while interacting with learners by sending messages, leaving comments and sharing notes.

Mobile Learning

Learning is moving away the from chalk face. With everyone having smartphones today, mobile learning through apps gives millions the opportunity to learn, even if they don’t have access to a classroom or a computer.

Smart Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming driving forces in edtech. Smart algorithms allow learners to be matched together for collaboration and assign them to the right courses.

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