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When you request a demo, we will get back in touch to find a convenient time and contact method.

Our demos are visual as we want to show you our tools and work together to discuss which could potentially help engage and grow your community or organisational members.

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We’re not into the hard sell, we won’t recommend you something we don’t think can actually help. More over, we have many years of experience in the EdTech market and we’re happy to recommend other potential options which others may provide if we think it’s a better fit.

Our customers delight in using our products and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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If you would like a more in-depth and in-person demo or would like to hire us to consult on your education technology needs, we are happy to offer this.

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If you’re looking for technical support, just email [email protected] and our engineers will be able to help.

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Trusted by educators, learners and institutions

Regardless of what how great we think we are, hear it emphatically from those who are benefitting from Learnium!

“Many of our students engage in some form of group coursework. Being able to share Microsoft Office documents, edit and work on them at the same time in Learnium is exactly the type of facility they need.”

Elinor Clarke

Lecturer, Coventry University

“Using Learnium enabled me as a lecturer of 400 students to globally respond to multiple requests for help on the same subject. Most importantly, however, was that students were able to offer peer to peer assistance, freeing up much of my time. The familiar feel and style of Learnium meant that students were easily able to adapt to the platform quickly having previously used other social media.”
Dr. Richard Perks

Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

“Working on the implementation of Learnium has been a great experience for Coventry University. We’re pleased with the results and will certainly be using Learnium for other courses and to facilitate further collaborations.”

Ian Dunn

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience), Coventry University