Peronsalised learning environment to engage users and improve learning outcomes

Our Personalised Learning Enviroment (Previously Lemo)

Bitesize content designed for mobile

Learnium PLE (previously Lemo) delivers a personalised learning environment providing courses in bitesize chunks designed for mobile so learners can easily participate whenever and wherever they want.

Personalised learning environment

Courses on Learnium PLE (previously Lemo) are instructionally designed and built on a growing range of informational and interactive exercises. Mobile also allows for new types of learning exercises like picture and video submissions. We deliver courses based on the learner’s preferred learning style.

Monitoring and analytics

Educators assign courses to learners and purchase new ones through a simple web-based administrative portal. Analytics track learner progress to ensure learning outcomes are met.

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Key Benefits


Bitesize Content

Engaging Activities



Competitive Pricing

Outcomes Driven

Off-the-shelf courses

Learnium PLE offers a bunch of off-the-shelf courses, you can use it to teach your own course, and onboard users into your organisation or community.

Health, safety & first aid

Health & Safety compliance is an essential ingredient for ensuring a safe and productive workplace environment. It is the employer’s legal responsibility to make employees aware of key Health & Safety aspects and procedures, and the employee’s responsibility to comply.

Lemo condenses core Health, Safety and First Aid information into an engaging mobile course so you don’t have to worry about it.

Food safety

Working in hospitality, it is vital to properly store, prepare and serve food in order to ensure the wellbeing of your customers and business. Both employers and employees must be aware of basic Food Safety and that your organisation’s own standards are met.

This course covers the essentials of Food Law and Hygiene, through to Hazards and Prevention and practical elements of Distribution, Storage and Preparation.

Food services

The art of Food Service is perfected over time, but based on a foundation of practical customer service knowledge. Knowing how to take orders, serve customers and deal with complaints professionally and compassionately, builds customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We’ve worked with leading hospitality brands to distill key practical Food Service information into this bitesize course for front-of-house employees.

Bespoke content for your business


We can provide instructional design services to help transfer your content into an engaging course for your members, employees or students. We work with organisations to develop bespoke content or enhance existing courses for mobile.

Please get in touch to see how Learnium PLE can be integrated into your organisation for better learning outcomes!