Onboard seasonal, casual and permanent colleagues quickly and effectively

How Learnium PLE helps in Hospitality

Faster employee onboarding

Digital course creation from your materials

Covers all the basics and more

Supplements existing training materials

Effective mobile learning

Participation analytics

Comprehensive onboarding

We work with you

We can use your onboarding materials or provide basic training around Health and Safety, Drink Measures, etc and wrap them in your own personalised app.

Onboard faster

New starters no longer have to ask the same questions over and over. Cover all bases with bitesize engaging content, monitor participation and quiz new starters through the app.

Supplement training

Nothing really replaces the learning by doing and mentoring from existing colleagues in hospitality, but the basics everyone needs to know. Learnium PLE does this for you.

Our Personalised Learning Environment

Bitesize content designed for mobile

Learnium PLE (previously Lemo) delivers a personalised learning environment providing courses in bitesize chunks designed for mobile so learners can easily participate whenever and wherever they want.

Personalised learning environment

Courses on Learnium PLE (previously Lemo) are instructionally designed and built on a growing range of informational and interactive exercises. Mobile also allows for new types of learning exercises like picture and video submissions. We cater learning based on the user’s preference to learning.

Monitoring and analytics

You need to know that all new staff have learned the basics. Learnium PLE lets you monitor who has started and completed the course and, more importantly, who hasn’t.

We supply or convert your training materials into effective mobile learning that leads to faster onboarding and internal training.

See how Learnium can drive better learning outcomes in Hospitality

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