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The online learning tool for Collaborative Learning and Peer Assisted Learning

Enables Peer Teaching

Learnium  encourages enquiry, so students turn to each other for support and answers

Increases Engagement

Students who use Learnium are more engaged and interact longer with learning materials

Enables Collaboration

Break the boundaries of physical space, log in online and start collaborating immediately.

No Training Required

Built like a social network, you don’t need any training to get set up and started


Easy File sharing

Drag and drop your files to your boards, posts and messages for quick and easy sharing

Saves time

Avoid answering the same questions via email and post your answer on Learnium for all to see

University of Coventry

In 2014 the Univeristy of Coventry ranked 33 in the league tables. The university took action to improve its learning and teaching and by 2016 it had moved to 15 in the league tables. The university started using Learnium in 2014 with one course and in the following year it had made it available university wide.

Read more about how Coventry has implemented Learnium across schools and departments as part of its overall strategy to improve learning and teaching.

Cardiff University

In 2015 the School of Biosciences wanted to increase student engagement levels outside of class. Over the following few months, the school saw student undergraduate engagement increase significantly across courses and modules. Hundreds of students are now more engaged with their learning thanks to using Learnium.

Read more about how staff at the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University have increased student engagement levels.

Cloud Based

As a cloud based service, everything you do on Learnium is automatically synced across all devices

Cross Device

Post a question online, write a comment on your phone and read a text on your tablet. Learnium works across all devices

Intuitively Easy

Posts, replies, likes, chat, profiles – all the features of a social network so you don’t need any training to get started

Easy Maintenance

Learnium maintains the platform so you never have to worry about making sure it’s running smoothly

Zero Setup

As a platform, there is no installation involved or hardware setup – you just make an account and log in

Safe & Secure

With security systems in place, your data and information is safe and secure on the Learnium servers

Trusted by educators, learners and institutions

Don’t just take it from us, hear it from those who are benefitting from Learnium!

“Many of our students are engaged in some form of group coursework. Being able to share Microsoft Office documents, edit and work on them at the same time in Learnium is exactly the type of facility they need.”
Elinor Clarke

Lecturer, Coventry University

“Using Learnium enabled me as a lecturer of 400 students to globally respond to multiple requests for help on the same subject. Most importantly, however, was that students were able to offer peer to peer assistance, freeing up much of my time. The familiar feel and style of Learnium meant that students were easily able to adapt to the platform quickly having previously used other social media.”
Dr. Richard Perks

Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

“Working on the implementation of Learnium has been a great experience for Coventry University. We’re pleased with the results and will certainly be using Learnium for other courses and to facilitate further collaborations.”
Ian Dunn

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience), Coventry University

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