Charities, Associations & Learnium Communities

Learnium Communities connects stakeholders to communicate privately within a familiar social networking environment. Value add your organisation by providing research and webinars directly to your members.

Intuitively Easy

Posts, replies, likes, chat, profiles – all the features of a social network so you don’t need any training to get started

Easy Maintenance

Learnium maintains the platform so you never have to worry about making sure it’s running smoothly

Zero Setup

As a platform, there is no installation involved or hardware set up – you just make an account and log in

Cloud Based

Take advantage of cloud based technologies to deliver more sessions to trainees, learners and clients across the world

Cross Device

Available as a web app and a mobile app, Learnium seamlessly syncs across your devices automatically for you


Safe & Secure

With security systems in place, your data and information is safe and secure on the Learnium servers

How we help Charities & NFPs

Private and Secure

Your private social network completely under your control. You decide who has access and who doesn’t.


Learnium Communities looks just like any other social network meaning your users can get started right away.

Deployable anywhere

Learnium Communities can stand alone or be embedded into your network or intranet. Completely responsive and accessible via web or mobile.

Discuss research without prying eyes 


We often want to discuss the latest research with our key stakeholders without involving our members. This allows greater collaboration between partners while keeping everything behind a closed door. 

Collaborate using Office 365 or Google Docs

Link to your collaborative documents such as Microsoft Office Online so you and your members can seamlessly view, create, edit and collaborate on documents directly from your browser. Then head back to Communities to discuss more generally.

Provide value beyond your live events or video content


Promote and deliver your live events directly from Communities with integrated webinars and video-conferencing. Extend engagement time with members before, during, and after events. Or discuss courses undertaken in the Learnium PLE or another VLE.

Our private social network can help your charity share the latest research publicly or privately, discuss findings and collaborate on new projects all within an intuitive environment.

See how Learnium can help Charities collaborate better with their stakeholders

We’d be happy to show you around in an informal demo where you can ask anything you want. Just register using the button below and we’ll be in touch.