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Careers at Learnium

Sales Associate

Location: Most UK regions

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How to apply

To apply, please email with your CV or link to your LinkedIn page.

We do not work with recruiting agencies.

Working at Learnium

Learnium is a team of young, energetic and highly driven people. We’re on a mission to make online learning more social and collaborative. We like to be surrounded by creative individuals that are passionate about their craft. We like to speak to teachers and students to understand how they teach and learn. Together, we build the next generation of tools that help people learn and collaborate online.

We work hard, but we also have fun. We have strategically placed our office in Cardiff city centre to maximise the number of Pokemons we can catch. Currently Kani is the absolute leader, but not for long…. Every Friday we hit the pub or restaurant for some team bonding. Some of us also enjoy spending time in the gym or cinema next to our office.

If you’d like to speak with the team, just drop us a message at