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Learnium is a social learning platform for teachers, learners and organisations of all sizes

How can Learnium help you and your learners?


Built like a social network, Learnium is the simplest and easiest tool for users to stay connected. Learners share posts, updates and questions. Watch as your learners engage with each other, answering questions and taking discussion further.


Fully integrated with Microsoft Office Online, Learnium lets you and your learners collaborate on projects and group assignments. Using the Board feature, you can share class materials with your students, and using Microsoft Office your students can create their own revision materials.


With greater engagement online, your students will spend more time on their class work, leading to engaging discussions, group collaboration and interesting questions. The more they engage in the topic, the better their results will be.

Trusted by teachers and learners

Join the growing community of teachers and students using Learnium to connect, communicate and collaborate together.

I think that Learnium is a great and easy to use platform for collaborative learning and is a great tool to allow students to share sources that would not have been found during individual revision. I think it has great potential and I know a lot of my friends feel the same way!

H. Davies

Student, Cardiff University

As coordinator of the Harris Experience enhancement programme, I needed a way to communicate with students from our academies all over London. Learnium allowed me to easily send subject specific content and relevant information to students on the programme. The students and I found the platform easy and engaging to use and the Learnium Team were always on hand to provide support when required.

Henry Langdon

Senior Harris Experience Programme Coordinator, Harris Federation

Working on the implementation of Learnium has been a great experience for Coventry University. We’re pleased with the results and will certainly be using Learnium for other courses and to facilitate further collaborations

Ian Dunn

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience, Coventry University

Ready to join thousands of users in making teaching and learning more sociable, engaging and effective?


Is Learnium free?

Anyone can create an account on our Free plan or upgrade to the premium plans for Education and Corporate.

What if I can’t find my network?

No worries – you can create it! Just follow this link and create your network today free of charge and invite your colleagues and learners to join.

Is Learnium an Online Learning Platform?

Yes, though we prefer to call it a Social Learning Network.

Does Learnium replace my VLE?

It can do, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, Learnium can be embedded in most Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Management Systems out there.

Still unsure?

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