What is Lemo?

When we set out to create a useful personalised learning environment, our first priority was accessibility. We focused on ensuring a frictionless learning environment for onboarding new colleagues and putting training courses directly in people’s hands. For that reason, we chose to be mobile first and created Lemo.

Lemo (Learning mobile) was a full service mobile learning environment. Organisations sent us their onboarding content or training course material and we refactored it into bitesize, teachable chunks. Lemo could then be deployed across their organisation and colleagues could start learning straight away.

Personalised learning success among high turnover organisations

Our mobile learning environment found a lot of success among hotels, which have a high numbers of casual workers. There was a requirement to ensure all new starters were onboarded correctly, especially learning general Health & Safety rules, Food Safety and Drink Measurements. We also included hotel specific courses such as uniform and vacation policies. Lemo allowed HR and L&D managers to deploy quickly and monitor staff participation to onboard new starters faster.

Learnium PLE

We want to take accessibility a step further in our next iteration by making training even more personalised. By allowing users to set their learning style before they start learning, we can deliver courses that work for them.

For that reason we are renaming Lemo to Learnium PLE (Personalised Learning Environment). This will help us define our future roadmap based on where we want to be: at the pinnacle of personalised learning for individuals and organisations.

A full service solution within a personalised learning environment

You do not need to do the grunt work of creating your course before getting started with Learnium PLE. Learnium can help design, create or curate your onboarding and training courses using existing materials within your organisation.

We will then suggest alternative material based on the four main learning styles:

1. Visual
2. Auditory
3. Reading & Writing
4. Kinesthetic

Just get in touch today and our instructional design professionals can help design a plan on how to decrease friction during onboarding of new colleagues and improve the learning outcomes of training courses. Whether mobile or web, Learnium PLE can be accessed by your members throughout the world.