Hello again everyone. We know we’ve been quiet recently, but that’s because we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to improve our services.

We are thrilled to welcome you to Learnium 2.0 – a whole new and complete e-learning service that supports membership associations and training providers in creating better learning experiences for web and mobile!

Before we tell you more about what we’ve been working on, we should just say two very important words – thank you!


To our existing patrons and users of Communities (formerly known as Learnium),

Since we last actively engaged with the industry, much has changed but not our appreciation of you and your support for us in terms of usage of the platform and feedback. From Arun, our head (and face you know and love), Chris, our chief tech wiz, the rest of the team and our board, thank you! Your sticking with us is what has kept us going.


To all of you who recently came on board to help us shape our new products and services as well as make Communities better,

We are grateful for your input on the look and feel of the projects we developed together and hope you are pleased with the results as much as we are! We can’t wait to see what the future may hold for our partnership.


So without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to recently:


We took our time to find our niche

When we first developed our core product now known as COMMUNITIES, we were trying to provide an alternative to the big and often chunky Learning Management Systems and come up with an online space that is easier and familiar to use but still gives you all the functionality needed. We reached moderate success: Communities is still used by Cardiff University, Coventry University and the Harris Federation whose continued partnership we are thankful for. However, it’s hard to make a big splash in the notoriously sturdy education industry if you are a small fish.

So we asked ourselves, what else is a private social network good for? The obvious answer was as a Peer Assisted Learning tool. You and your study group log in to your network, chat, create posts, share study materials and collaborate, learning from each other in a pleasant, functional but informal environment. We faced the same challenges yet again. But we realised something important – we might want to reach outside higher education but the collaborative aspect of our platform is what we want to take with us wherever we go next.


We reached out to new horizons

With new management on board came new ideas and new opportunities. We decided to look beyond online and go mobile as well. We entered the UFI Impact challenge with a project to develop a mobile app that makes training individual yet collaborative, as well as more engaging and more cost-effective. And that’s how Learnium PLE was born. If you need bite-size learning on any topic that gives you a chance to complete your tasks in your own time but also encourages teamwork, and it’s easy to use and pleasant to look at, you can just give us a shout.


We didn’t stop there

After Learnium PLE, the most logical next step was to take the mobile micro training app and expand it into a full-size Virtual Learning Environment. Or how you’ll find it in our portfolio – LECTURA. Lectura is a web platform where you can create your own courses – or we can do it for you if you’d prefer, – invite learners, charge them or not, track their progress, award them a certificate, or just organise a workshop around it while you are all chatting online.


The time came to improve on the classic

Suddenly it was March 2020, social life as we know it was put on hold, all workshops and live meetings got suspended and everyone turned their bedroom into an office.

But if your team is already online using Communities, and you’re not able to go out and meet your customers in person nor train your staff face-to-face, the only viable way we had was to respond to the demand and make it possible for the platform you already use to accommodate all your webinar needs as well.

Enter the new and improved COMMUNITIES – an innovative private networking and webinar platform. Create an event, send out invites, collect payments, upload resources so invitees can discuss them with each other prior to the event, then host it, record it, encourage work in breakout rooms – all in one place.


So, in short…

We might have been quiet but that was because we were busy improving our existing platform and bringing you new products and services.

Drop us an email at [email protected] or use our contact form if you are interested in what we have to offer:

  • Communities – a private professional network with webinar delivery,
  • Learnium PLE – a mobile app for bite-size training,
  • Help with turning your face-to-face courses into mobile or online training.

And here is the team whose tireless effort and dedication made all this possible:

  • Arun Wilson, chief executive officer
  • Chris Parry, chief technology officer
  • Ryan Gibbs, full-stack engineer
  • Luke Mcilwaine, frontend developer
  • Yanko Hardalov, head of education


A special mention goes to our visionary chairman, Dr Wil Williams, CEO of the Alacrity Foundation.

And there you have it: day in, day out we worked so we can bring you better learning experiences for web and mobile.

Hope to hear from you soon.