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Your Social Learning Network

Learnium brings the benefits of Social Media to education, training and business communication.

Learnium is a social learning platform that makes communication in your organization easier and more effective


Tag someone in a Post, Comment or Resource using the @ sign and their name.


Use hashtags to organize and search for topics in posts, resources and chats. #GoodIdea



Need a one-on-one or a group discussion? Use Chat to communicate with others.

Thumbs up

Read an opinion you agree with? Come across an interesting fact? Show your appreciation by giving it a thumbs up.


Microsoft Integration

View, edit and create Microsoft Office Online documents with Excel, PowerPoint and Word in Learnium.


See who has read a post, review engagement levels and gauge time spent online with Learnium Analytics.


Got a question? Want to share a thought? Aren’t sure what you missed? Put it in a post and share it on Learnium.


Found a useful resource? Upload it to Learnium and pin it to your board or share it for others to see.

% Increased Engagement


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Why Learnium is a great choice

Intuitively Easy

Posts, replies, likes, chat, profiles – all the features of a social network so you don’t need any training to get started

Easy Maintenance

Learnium maintains the platform so you never have to worry about making sure it’s running smoothly

Zero Setup

As a platform, there is no installation involved or hardware set up – you just make an account and log in

Cloud Based

Take advantage of cloud based technologies to deliver more sessions to trainees, learners and clients across the world

Cross Device

Available as a web app and a mobile app, Learnium seamlessly syncs across your devices automatically for you


Safe & Secure

With security systems in place, your data and information is safe and secure on the Learnium servers

Learnium for education

Learn how universities, colleges and schools are using Learnium to bring the benefits of Social Media to learning and teaching

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