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We help educators and organisations deliver personalised learning experiences by combining the latest technologies with outcome driven pedagogy.

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Learnium PLE

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A personalised learning environment for education and onboarding – Learnium PLE

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Instructional design as a service. We make courses for you – Learnium Courses

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Private social networks with webinar delivery – Learnium Communities

Who we are


Learnium is an educational technology company founded on the simple notion that technology empowers learning. We whole-heartedly believe that educational technology, when done right, improves outcomes and ultimately enriches peoples’ lives.

Here are Learnium, we’re continually growing our team of passionate educationalists and techies. Our expertise lies in instructional design and course development, UI/UX design and software engineering… and, of course, we all love learning!

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Relevant, engaging technology designed for learning improves outcomes.


Educational Technology (EdTech) is meant for one thing – to improve the outcomes of learning for people. Better learning outcomes = better lives. Over the years, we’ve discovered that key to achieving these outcomes is engagement and personalisation. Effective EdTech is technology that learners can relate to and engages them in their learning. That’s why we design everything we develop with user experience in mind.


Working and learning together develops key skills and experience. 

Humans are social creatures by nature. Research shows that people living in strong, collaborative communities live longer, richer and happier lives. Additionally, we believe the same about learning. People learn better together. We believe learning is not just about building theoretical and domain knowledge, but also developing critical soft-skills and experiences. Collaboration is how we develop these skills and why it will always feature centrally in our work.


Understanding people is critical for evaluating and delivering effective learning.

Analytics is the use of meaningful data patterns to develop understanding and make effective decisions. We apply this approach both to and within our products. Everyone has their own learning style. Understanding our learners – how they learn, their interests and challenges, and how they interact with others and technology – leads to better decisions about how to drive outcomes and improve the learning experience.

Analytics to define personalised learning

Trusted by educators, learners and institutions

Don’t just take it from us, hear it from those who are benefitting from Learnium!

“Like many businesses, Inspiretech faced with an incredible amount of change to our normal working practices last year as we adapted to working from home due to the pandemic. Learnium were able to quickly understand our requirements and work with us to develop a three month project plan, breaking the elements into manageable tasks which included upskilling our team as part of the plan.”

Helen Baldwin

HR Director, Inspiretec

“Using Learnium enabled me as a lecturer of 400 students to globally respond to multiple requests for help on the same subject. Most importantly, however, was that students were able to offer peer to peer assistance, freeing up much of my time. The familiar feel and style of Learnium meant that students were easily able to adapt to the platform quickly having previously used other social media.”
Dr. Richard Perks

Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

“Working on the implementation of Learnium has been a great experience for Coventry University. We’re pleased with the results and will certainly be using Learnium for other courses and to facilitate further collaborations.”

Ian Dunn

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience), Coventry University